Robin Hood (2018) พยัคฆ์ร้ายโรบินฮู้ด (พากย์ไทย)

Robin Hood 2018


Robin Hood Lord Robin of Loxley is an aristocrat as well as an English longbow master, lives in Nottingham and lives a wholesome life with his wife Marian who is summoned by the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham to fight in the Third Crusade against the Saracens.

After four years in England, Robin gets bored with the Crusades when he is unable to stop his leader, Guy of Gisbourne to execute unarmed prisoners which included a teenage boy despite the pleas of the boy’s father which causes Gisbourne to send Robin back to England, despite accusations of treasonous behavior.

When Robin comes back to Nottingham, Robin learns from his old friend Friar Tuck that the Sheriff declared him dead two years prior in order to seize his land and wealth to fund the war effort at request of the corrupt Cardinal and removing the residents from the city and transferring them to the coal mine town across the river.

Investigating “the Slags”, Robin witnesses the commoners planning to rise against the system that oppresses and is a victim of them. He also learns that Marian is now a part of their aspiring leader, Will Tillman. Robin is prevented from talking with her by the prisoner who was trying to rescue his son. The man then introduces himself as Yahya -and he claims that it can be translated to ” John” and proposes that he as well as Robin are able to stop the war by stealing back the money taken from people who fund the church’s battle. Marian is in search of Robin upon learning that he’s alive but he’s urged by John not to inform her about his plans for her own safety.

Through a gruelling training regimen at his once-shabby manor, Robin greatly expands-upon and develops his archery skills and combat , and then begins to steal the wealth that Sheriffs have extorted from the people of the town, earning the nickname “The Hood”, while concealing his activities by masquerading as a playboy-Lord with a frivolous ego who supports the Sheriff’s regime.

At a dinner party in honor of the Cardinal attended by Robin, Marian and Will, Marian and Robin discover that the war is an ploy of the church, who is also financing the Saracen army to take down the King and claim the king’s total power following his death. Gisbourne and his men enter the Slags to hunt for the Hood at the Sheriff’s request.

Marian decides to intervene in spite of Will’s protests, and meets the Hood, whom she discovers is Robin when she recognizes his voice. John is captured by Gisbourne and is tortured by Sheriff, then released. However, Robin the Hood is unable to reveal his identity. John is assaulted by the Sheriff using John’s faith against them. He threatens John with the assurance that his eyes will be the last ones to see.

Marian asks Robin to reveal who he is to Robin and Robin accepts him as their leader. This upsets Will. Will leads a riot to distract the Sheriff’s men while Robin stops a caravan that is carrying the Sheriff’s wealth out of Nottingham and is scheduled to be handed over to the Saracen army. Robin is then able to lead the town in a battle against the corrupt Sheriff. Robin and Marian have a romantic kiss during the battle. Will witnesses it moments before he’s severely injured through an explosion. Dejected by Marian’s plight, he abandons her and joins the revolution.

Robin gives in to the Sheriff after the fight is turning his favor and is taken to the Sheriff’s Castle where he is executed. One of the guards is John who was previously freed from the prison. John finally gets his revenge on the Sheriff and hangs John with a chain the massive censer burning , and is hung over the cathedral’s roof. Robin and John run to reunite with Marian and the townpeople who helped them. They seek refuge in Sherwood Forest as outlaws. There, they exchange their loot that they reclaimed.

The Cardinal approaches Will and demands revenge, and gives him the opportunity to claim the power vacuum in Nottingham in the event that the faithful follow the church. Will is appointed as the new sheriff, and is branded Robin and his followers as criminals as well as Robin in a bold and threatening manner Will to pursue him by putting an shot through the poster, which is held by Will to his townspeople.