Our Brand is Crisis (2015) สู้ไม่ถอย ทีมสอยตำแหน่งประธานาธิบดี

Our Brand Is Crisis In 2002, Bolivian politician Pedro Castillo employs an American consulting firm in the field of politics (based upon James Carville’s Greenberg Carville Shrum firm) to help him win the 2002 Bolivian presidential election. Castillo’s fledgling campaign is managed by Jane Bodine, “Calamity”. Bodine’s rival, Pat Candy, is the most prominent political advisor of the opposition. In Bolivia, the situation is in a state of tension: Bodine learns that the indigenous people, who are the majority of Bolivians however, they lack any real power in politics, are calling for constitutional changes to ensure proper representation.

Bodine an old-time veteran of American politics, persuades American consultants to use the smear campaign to make up for the flaws of their candidate. Castillo, however, refuses to allow his team to conduct this. It’s only when Bodine plans for the publication of a flyer accusing Castillo of a long-standing affair (and accusing him of it being the fault of the opposition) is she able to convince him to agree to smear his adversaries. Our Brand Is Crisis HD

In the following months The team will implement the strategy of “declaring the situation as a crisis”. They plan to frighten the people, with the aim of persuading voters to vote for the unpopular but known Castillo instead of the more youthful opposition candidates. They even resort to publishing images of their adversaries and putting Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie in the background, to make sure that he can admit to being a Nazi. Castillo’s bus is stopped a group of protesters who oppose the International Monetary Fund in Bolivia. Castillo promises that he won’t allow the IMF to Bolivia without a public referendum. Eduardo, a young participant in the Castillo campaign, is impressed by this show of commitment. His devotion stems mainly from the fact that Castillo was president at the time, took a young Eduardo on his shoulder during a demonstration in his city. The brothers of Castillo are less sceptical.

In the last debate, Bodine cites a quote in an exchange with Candy (knowing that he’ll present it to rival candidate Rivera for his speech) declaring that “a great man” had said it. However, the quote originates from Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda. Castillo is elected by only a tiny margin. As his first actions, he invites the IMF to Bolivia and thus shatters his promise. Eduardo, who is deeply dejected, visits Bodine in her hotel. Bodine responds that Castillo is not her fault. According to her, her job is done.

Eduardo who is depressed, is joined by his brothers in a demonstration in support of change. Police arrive and the demonstration quickly becomes a riot. Candy is with Bodine and her team on the way to the airport. The entire group, with the exception of Bodine has already accepted positions as political advisors in other countries. Bodine discovers she is a fraud and gets out of her car so that she can go to Eduardo.